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Taxonomy Strategies


Taxonomy Strategies is an information
management consultancy that
specializes in applying taxonomies,
metadata, automatic classification, and
other information retrieval technologies
to the needs of business.

Current Announcements

Taxonomy Strategies is based in Washington, DC. Founded by information scientists who met at Metacode Technologies, a start-up company that built the MetaTagger automated categorization solution acquired by Interwoven in 2001, Taxonomy Strategies has been involved in projects for government agencies including development of the content model for the official portal of the U.S. government, and for international organizations such as the International Monetary Fund. A third area of leadership has been work on e-commerce merchandising taxonomies to enable cross-selling, up-selling and personalization by category rather than item.

Joseph Busch is an expert. Learn about Rosenfeld Media User Experience experts.

See some short videos that are part of a course on Information Architecture taught by Bob Boiko at the University of Washington:

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Play Green Chameleon Straits Knowledge video podcast "Taxonomy Development Process Case Studies" with Joseph Busch talking about different methods of taxonomy development.

Download CMSAdvisor Podcast "Taxonomy, Metadata, Cod Liver Oil & Guinness: Part 1" [MP3] and "Part 2" [MP3] in which Lisa Welchman (WelchmanPierpoint's Founding Partner) and Joseph Busch (Taxonomy Strategies' Founder) define the terms "taxonomy" and "metadata", and provide advice on advancing taxonomy efforts in your organization.

Read about Busch's golden law of facets, named for Joseph Busch (Taxonomy Strategies' Founder), described in Steve Papas' article "The Faceted Navigation and Search Revolution" [PDF] originally published in KM World (April 2006)

Download Taxonomy Strategies 2014 holiday card. Interior of the Paw Paw Tunnel, milepost 155.2, Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, near Paw Paw, West Virginia. Photo by: Joseph Busch (September 5, 2014).

Read The Semantic Puzzle blog post "American Physical Society Taxonomy – Case Study" about Taxonomy Strategies' work to develop a new faceted classification scheme.

Taxonomy Strategies 2015 presentations:

  • "Big Metadata Toolkits: Pattern Analysis and Categorization Components" Joseph Busch, Principal, Taxonomy Strategies at Text Analytics World in San Francisco, CA on Tuesday, April 1, 2015, 11:15AM - 12:00PM. Also participating in Experts Panel, 2:15-3:00PM.
  • "How Have Global Classification Systems Inspired Content organization on the Web" Joseph Busch, Principal, Taxonomy Strategies at ISKO-UK Biennial Conference in London, UK on July 13-14, 2015.

Archive of presentations from previous years.


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